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Uber Eats reaches 5th in Portugal (this was the most expensive order)

Uber Eats reaches 5th in Portugal (this was the most expensive order)

979 euros. yes, 979 euros was the most expensive order Registered by Uber Eats, the delivery platform that has been in the national territory for almost five years. Also according to the company, The day with the highest number of requests was February 14, 2021πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

In a statement, regarding the five years in Portugal, which will be celebrated on November 28, Uber Eats also revealed that The most required items are water, fruits and vegetables, and the most requested food categories are sushi and JapaneseπŸ‡§πŸ‡·

“If, on the one hand, food delivery continues to generate the largest volume of deliveries, then the sectors of supermarket shopping, department stores, cultural items, wellness, beauty, florists, health and retail in general” explains Diogo Ayres Conceicao, quoted in the same statement by the general manager of Uber Eats in Portugal.

Uber Eats adds that this year it has reached a geographical coverage of more than 100 cities in Portugal and has 12,000 partner restaurants and merchants across the country.

β€œIn the next five years, we hope to continue offering magical moments, innovative surprises and more and more options that make life easier for users and make Uber Eats a daily companion,” adds Diogo Ayres Conceicao.

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