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Ubisoft continues to have behavior issues

It’s been a long time since things have gone so well for the gaming industry with news of misconduct from screenwriters and especially from companies. The Riot Games He was one affected by accusations of “endemic gender discrimination and creating an environment that values ​​’men first'” in 2018, as well as Ubisoft.

After launching your next big project, Assassin’s Creed Infinity, news started circulating about allegations of sexual misconduct against the company. For those who may have missed something on the matter, in 2020 Ubisoft was hit with accusations that led to the departure of several chiefs such as the previous CCO Serge Hascott. In addition, it spawned the Assassin’s Creed Sisterhood movement and many others who asked Ubisoft to start taking responsibility for these matters. But as posted by the site Bloomberg, this does not happen.

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Bloomberg revealed that “teams involved in the Assassin’s Creed Infinity project have been affected by the allegations, with a Ubisoft spokeswoman claiming that the company investigated all allegations of sexual misconduct and took appropriate action. But no form of reorganization to resolve these issues appears to make Ubisoft employees happy.” “. According to Bloomberg, the company has new complaints and allegations of misconduct.

According to the site, “some managers who have been accused of abusive behavior remain in leadership positions after the reorganization.” It got worse last month when French trade union Soldires Informatique reported that at least three managers at Ubisoft Montreal had been accused of harassment or toxic behaviour, as well as racism and sexism brought to HR who did nothing.

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What makes this even more problematic is that Montreal and Quebec are collaborating on the development of Assassin’s Creed Infinity. Moreover, the fact is that Ubisfot Montreal has lost several employees, which is why it seems so obvious.

A Ubisoft spokesperson said nothing about the individual cases, but did release a statement: “Any employee who has allegations who remain at Ubisoft have had their case thoroughly reviewed by a third party and have been acquitted or subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Employees who were under investigation will not remain at Ubisoft if the results of Investigations warrant termination.”

If the company doesn’t seem to be taking any action, fans are. in the last Ubisoft StrikerThe Assassin’s Creed community boycotted the event. Yves Guillemot President Yves Guillemot was expected to comment on something that didn’t happen. Unfortunately from the Bloomberg post, it appears that Ubisoft isn’t moving as expected. Feather.

Via: Game Rant / Bloomberg