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Ubisoft reveals more details on how to play Rainbow Six Extraction in a new trailer

Ubisoft reveals more details on how to play Rainbow Six Extraction in a new trailer

This version of the popular franchise will initially contain 12 large maps

earlier this week, Ubisoft It released interesting news about its future release, Rainbow Six Extract. The game will appear from the beginning with 12 large maps – It will be at least tthree times bigger From any previous site offered by this privilege.

Among the available places, we will have new mexico, San Francisco NS Alaska.

research The trailer in Portuguese:

new progression system He will be present, allowing you to align your style with the weapon upgrades and skills of your operators. presence of 18 elite operatorsAnd 13 high stakes missions, and more 65 weapons – which will be used in 13 kinds of opponents.

Check out the characters that can be chosen to face antique. Smoke, IQ, Jäger, Alibi, Vigil, Rook, Finka, Doc, She, Gridlock, Sledge, Captain, Lion, Hibana, Tachanka, Nomad, Pulse NS fuse.

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Anyone who is interested in buying the game and is in the past generation can rest assured that saving the transport system is always beneficial. intersection Guaranteed – if you complete the move to PlayStation 5 or for Microsoft platforms, Xbox Xbox X NS s.

As is usual in games of this type, there are several Defensive Curricula NS offensive They can be unlocked by completing missions.

If you’re interested in knowing how your operators’ new hardware works, so far they’ve made sure to have a file domain wall, repel incoming attacks, and a sticky pomegranate Slow down the movements of the infected, allowing you to escape – if you have few resources.

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After receiving news of the game’s launch delay, which was initially scheduled for September this year, this new information served to reassure fans who will be able to play from January 2022.

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rainbow six extract will be available for Playstation 4And PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna NS google stadia.


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