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UEFA Champions League: Sporting will escape the "hell" of the velodrome

UEFA Champions League: Sporting will escape the “hell” of the velodrome

Sporting will escape from the usual “hell” of the Velodrome stadium when it faces Marseille, in the third round of the Champions League, on October 5, after the European Football Association condemned the French club to play the next European match behind closed doors, following the events. In the match with the Germans Eintracht Frankfurt.

The match of the second round of the Champions League, at the Velodrome stadium, marked Clashes between French and German supporters before the match. The UEFA regulation calls for the French club to use fireworks, throw objects and use laser pointers during the game, as well as other infractions, such as blocking lanes intended for the audience.

In addition to a match behind closed doors, Marseille will also host Tottenham, in the third match at home, with the stadium partially closed, that is, with the North Stand closed to cheers.

Eintracht Frankfurt was also punished with a fine of 15,000 euros and will also play a home match with the stands partially closed, with less than a thousand seats, in the reception of Tottenham, in the next round. The German club is also prohibited from selling tickets for the next match away from its home, due to the racist chants chanted by its fans.

The Bundesliga club will also pay another fine of 30,000 euros for the use of fireworks and will also have to compensate Marseille for damage to the stands, namely with the destruction of many chairs.