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UEFA Competitions Committee gives green light to new UEFA Champions League model

UEFA Competitions Committee gives green light to new UEFA Champions League model


The competition will be played by 36 teams in 2024.

The UEFA competitions committee, chaired by Fernando Gomez, this Tuesday gave the green light to the new model for the Champions League, which will come into effect from 2024/25. The competition will now be played by 36 teams instead of the current 32, with more matches scheduled and will allocate two places by country ranking instead of clubs.

At the Executive Committee meeting held in Vienna, the capital of Austria, UEFA listened to all parties and gave the green light to the latest changes. More important is the fact that two places are allocated to the countries with the best result in the previous season (this year, it will be England and Holland), contrary to what was initially expected (two places for the clubs with the highest score). The coefficient of the past five years who did not qualify for the Champions League directly).

Remember that instead of the Champions League group stage, there is one league made up of 36 teams. Each team will guarantee at least eight matches in the league stage against eight different opponents. [quatro jogos em casa e quatro fora] Instead of the previous six matches against three teams, it was played at home and away. The top eight rankings will advance to the next stage, while the ninth and twenty-fourth places will compete in a playoff to determine the other eight teams.

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The fifth country in the UEFA ranking places three clubs directly in the group stage of the Champions League. Sixth best rank [posição atual de Portugal, que começará a próxima época em sétimo, confirmada a ultrapassagem pelos Países Baixos] It will be represented by two teams, with another team going to the playoffs.

The criteria for the additional four clubs in this change from 32 to 36 teams:

– one for fifth place in the standings, which now has a direct three;

– one for the path of heroes, which runs from four to five;

Two for the countries with the best results in the previous season