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UFC 267 – Islam Makhshev, Kabib’s bodyguard, throws his opponent in the trash in one round!

The performance of Islam Magsaysay at UFC 267 was expected and the guy was clearly not disappointed. In less than a round, Kabib Normakomedo’s defender defeated his evening opponent Dan Hooker. A real lesson in the octagon.

Who is blocking the Islamic mace? Launched with impressive series of victories, the Russian warrior continued his momentum by ousting Don Hooker without forcing too much into UFC 267. At the head of 20 wins and 0 defeats before Saturday night’s fight, Kabib Normakomedo’s defender was apparent. Most liked. More often than not, he lived up to his reputation.

Simply put, the heir to the Dagestan myth, he quickly knocked his opponent to the ground before finishing him by submitting in the first round:

Islam deceived Donald Hooker and released a large demand

After his victory, Makhachev first celebrated with Hasbullah.

But after the fair drama conferences were over, the militant issued a clean and flawless statement: he wants a lighter title, and he revealed it.

Islam Makachev : Now is the time. I was 11 or first 15, but this guy is number 6. Now I can and I should talk. I have won 9 games in a row and am ready to fight for the title; Please send someone, I do not care if this section is a little sleepy now. I work and graduate in this category.

I knew I could beat anyone after hitting Dan Hooker. My cropping level is higher than all the men in this category. This is not Jiu-Jitsu, this is MMA, I am the best in this game.

To watch or watch the fight in full, go below:

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Islam Makhshev continues his race forward, and above all he develops immense confidence. The goal is clear: a belt around his waist, it is now officially stated.