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UFG professor joins international list of distinguished scientists

UFG professor joins international list of distinguished scientists

Joining the list is Professor and Scientist at the Institute of Chemistry at the Federal University of Goias (IQ / UFG), Boniek Gontijo Vaz “Top 40 Under 40 Power 2022”From the “Analytical World” magazine, which honors “researchers who represent hope in solving major problems of the present and the future.” In an interview with Sagres, Boniek stated that his nomination to the list is “important for the Brazilian flag.”

“A work that has been developed here in Goiás, at the UFG, and has been recognized by the international community. This pleases us a lot and also puts us in the work to produce more,” said the scientist, who stated that this should act as an incentive for students.

Boniek was keen to stress that Brazil needs to invest in working conditions to keep young researchers and encourage more people to start producing science in Brazil. “The Brazilians have great creativity and are very hardworking people. […] Brazil has excellent scientists. But if we want to analyze the relationship between GDP versus investment in science and education, we are lagging behind countries like the United States and Germany.

The 19th National Science and Technology Week

Goiás hosts the 19th National Science and Technology Week between October 17-21. During the event days, there will be free activities in all shifts to mobilize residents around science and technology topics and activities.

In an interview with Sagres, Escolas do Futuro’s director of management, Mychelly Ferreira, explained that the goal was to make the young man able to “express all knowledge, the teaching part with the practical as well as the scientific and technological part.”

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“It is very important that young people today have easy access to various information, but they do not always arrive in a smooth way. For this reason, participating in the week is important so that they can actually access what is popular in the world in terms of innovation and technology.

Scientist Boniek Gontijo Vaz highlighted that evaluating science is very important, as all technological advances, from cell phones to vaccines, happen through science. Sometimes, that dialogue is really missing. So, events like this are very important to try to convey the impact of science, the purpose, the importance, and why we need to ask new members to work in science, in a more implicit way.”

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