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UFS 4.0 arrives in the hands of Samsung

UFS 4.0 arrives in the hands of Samsung

Perhaps the type of memory in our mobile is the secret we know less, because usually brands are giving values ​​in capacity, but not in speed, and in the latter case, the best we have achieved so far is UFS 3.1 memory. To this limit. Because Samsung just announced the first memories of UFS 4.0, based on the seventh generation of V-NAND.

The new generation of UFS has greatly expanded capabilities over UFS 3.1. It uses the new JEDEC standard and delivers up to 4200 MB/s read and 2800 MB/s sequential write, with increased power efficiency, or 6.0 MB/s per mA, which is a 46% improvement over the previous standard. For each lane we have 23.2 Gbps, twice the UFS 3.1 standard, and can support up to 1 TB per chip, which means we can easily get mobiles with that maximum memory, maybe twice that, with multiple components.

With mass production starting in the third quarter of 2022, the first smartphones may be released to the market later in the year.

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