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UK coach Gareth Southgate - pop band Atomic Kitten with a song about BZ Berlin

UK coach Gareth Southgate – pop band Atomic Kitten with a song about BZ Berlin

The British pop band Atomic Kitten has released one of their biggest hits during the European Football Championship with a new speech about famous English national coach Gareth Southgate.

This is the first time Wednesday that E.M. “Southgate You’re the One – Football’s Coming Home Again” is a remake of the single “Whole Again” of 2000, making the nuclear kitten number one in many countries, including Great Britain and Germany.

England fans adapted the song during the 2018 World Cup and then sang it regularly in football games and in public view.

Instead of “Baby, you’re still directing me, you can complete me again” (Baby, you’re right, you’re still directing me, you can finish me again)) they now sing: “Southgate, you, you still me Run. Football is coming home ”(” Southgate, you, you still run me. Football is coming home “).

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Atomic Kitten released the song before the European Championship semi-finals, which saw England beat Denmark 2-1 after extra time. The trio had previously attended a public viewing event in London. “It was a tumultuous two days,” the band wrote on their Facebook page, “but we are very happy and grateful that we can contribute to this tremendous energy and patriotism that fills the streets.”

Jockey Lowe and England coach Gareth Southgate at the last meeting, a Test match at Wembley in November 2017.  They split 0-0 at the time (Photo: Image Alliance / Svensimon)
Jockey Low and England coach Gareth Southgate (Photo: Image Alliance / Svensimon)

The coach has been admired by Southgate fans since 2018, when England reached the semi-finals surprisingly. On Sunday, the 50-year-old with three Lions could celebrate England’s biggest win since winning the 1966 World Cup. His team will then face Italy at Wembley Stadium.

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