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Ukraine: – A mysterious flash of light over Kiev

Ukraine: – A mysterious flash of light over Kiev

Ukrainian authorities said late Wednesday evening that the mysterious explosion over Kiev may have been caused by a NASA satellite that fell to Earth, he writes. Kyiv Post.

According to the military leadership in the city, they must have triggered the flight alarm during the accident to avoid damages from the repercussions.

NASA warned Tuesday that a retired 300-kilogram satellite is headed for Earth. The space agency said a permit The risk of someone getting infected with parts of the satellite is low.

A powerful flash of light followed by the sight of an apparently decomposing object lit up the sky over the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, on Wednesday night.

The flash of light occurred at the same time as Ukraine’s flight alert went off in a number of provinces in the country’s northeast, south and east.

Russian airstrikes against Kharkiv and Dnipro provinces have also been reported.

Unclear reason

It is unclear if the flight alert in Kiev was triggered by the target, the threat of Russian airstrikes, or both. At 22:01, the flight alert ended in Kiev.

Andrej German, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, first reported that the capital’s air defense was working to shoot down an unidentified object over Kiev.

The message, which he posted on Telegram, was later deleted and replaced with a new one.

In it, Germak wrote that the Ukrainian Air Force would eventually provide more information about the incident later.

Video clips and photos

There are now many photos and videos of the event itself. In the videos, you can clearly see that the sky is shining brightly.

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What might have been something seemed to disintegrate, and fall to the ground.

Based on the photos, it appears that the accident occurred on the eastern side of the Dnipro River which flows through Kiev.

Dagbladet updates the case.