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Ukraine, Boris Johnson |  Here Boris Johnson is shown around Kyiv

Ukraine, Boris Johnson | Here Boris Johnson is shown around Kyiv

On Saturday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was on an unannounced visit to Kyiv, Ukraine. There, among other things, he held talks with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

In this context, the Prime Minister made promises that Britain would help Ukraine with more weapons.

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Come with a gun!

Specifically, these include 120 new armored vehicles and missile targets. A Downing Street statement said it would help Ukraine “at this critical juncture while Russia’s unlawful attacks continue”.

“Ukraine, against all odds, pushed Russian forces away from the gates of Kyiv and achieved the greatest military achievement of the 21st century,” Johnson said.

I have made it clear today that Great Britain stands idly by and stands by its side in this ongoing battle, and we are part of the longer term, adds the Prime Minister.

A video of Johnson and Zelensky talking on the streets of Kyiv received a lot of attention on social media and was watched by millions.

Watch the video! Here, Prime Minister Boris Johnson tours the war-torn capital:

I must salute the civilian population

Johnson also appeared across the capital, which for weeks has been a fierce battlefield and Russian bombing. The two heads of state are well taken care of by the soldiers, who roam around them from all sides

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On the tour, Johnson will also meet many of the civilian population who are expressing their gratitude to the prime minister.

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