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Ukraine changes tactics after ammunition shortage

Ukraine changes tactics after ammunition shortage

In the United States, Republicans maintain an economic support package worth $60 billion. In Europe, Hungarian President Viktor Orban halted the European Union support package. The value of the package amounts to 50 billion euros.

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Brigadier General Oleksandr Tarnavsky says there is a major shortage of artillery ammunition, and the decline in foreign military support is having an impact on the battlefield, he writes. Reuters.

The quantities available to us today are not sufficient for our needs. Therefore, we redistribute it. He says: We change the mission plans that we have set for ourselves and reduce them, without giving further details.

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Requires a lot of ammo

These statements could be considered a sign of the extent to which Ukraine relies on international support in the fight against Russian forces. The front line extends approximately 1,000 kilometers and the conflict is immediately entering its twenty-third month.

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This conflict is considered the largest in Europe since World War II, and it is said that Ukrainian forces have killed or wounded 315,000 Russian soldiers since the beginning of the war.

Since the summer, Ukraine has also launched a counter-offensive with the aim of retaking areas occupied by Russia.

The huge space and offensive tactics require huge amounts of ammunition.

– In some areas we have turned to defense, while in other areas we continue our offensive actions – through maneuvers, firepower and advances. “We are also preparing our reserves for more large-scale actions,” says Tarnavsky.

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A Ukrainian soldier equips a Tsar self-propelled howitzer near Avdizhievka. Photograph: Vyacheslav Ratynsky/Reuters

He drove success

The brigadier general led his forces to Ukraine’s last major success. He forced Russian forces out of the southern city of Kherson and the western part of the Dnipro River in November 2022.

In addition, he also played a prominent role in the major offensive into the southeastern Zaporizhya region earlier this year. Extensive Russian trenches and minefields meant that progress was slow.

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The Russians are now on the offensive, and have recently made several advances around the town of Avdiivka. This is also the city that Tarnavski is responsible for defending.

He describes the Russian army with the same goals, but its actions and tactics have changed. According to the general, the attacks are continuing, and this means that the situation in Avdiivka is changing from day to day. He admits that the Russians have achieved “partial” success in the city.

Enough rest

The fighting did not lead to significant gains on the ground this year, and the two sides are witnessing harsh confrontations. Brigadier General Tarnavsky expresses his concern about the discomfort among soldiers on the front lines, stressing the necessity of having reserve units.

The challenges caused by the winter conditions were significant. Despite this, the Army has experience in handling logistics, evacuation and movement in such circumstances, according to Tarnavsky.

It is believed that Ukraine needs funds to defend itself against increasing attacks from Russian drones.

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With the F16, things will be completely different. In my opinion, as an infantry officer, the F-16 is like a Mercedes compared to a Zaporozhjet (an old Soviet car, journ.anm). Everyone hopes!