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Ukraine has exposed major weaknesses in North Korea's arms aid to Russia

Ukraine has exposed major weaknesses in North Korea's arms aid to Russia

This was revealed in a survey conducted by the Ukrainian authorities.

Of the total 50 ballistic missiles North Korea fired at Ukrainian territory, 21 exploded in the air long before they reached the ground.

Andrej Kostin, head of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, said that about half of the North Korean missiles lost their programmed trajectories and exploded in the air. Reuters.

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North Korea is one of the main suppliers of arms and ammunition to Russia, along with Iran, which has supplied thousands of Shahed drones to Putin's regime.

Thousands of North Korean containers

No one knows exactly how large quantities of weapons materials were exported from North Korea to Russia, but according to Western intelligence, it may be in large quantities.

In April, Britain's Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) published satellite images indicating that since August 2023, Russian ships have transported thousands of North Korean containers to Russian ports. It is believed that these may have contained massive amounts of North Korean weapons, according to Bloomberg News Reuters.

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Help Putin on the battlefield

Many of the arms shipments contain artillery ammunition, of which the Russian military uses vast quantities. According to military analysts, the force ratio is one to ten in favor of Russia when it comes to the number of missiles fired daily.

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Thanks to ammunition shipments from North Korea, Putin's war machine has been able to continue its intense bombardment against military and civilian targets.

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Using Ukraine as a weapons laboratory

Now stg shows you that north korean weapons are not as good as the russians had hoped Ukrainian Pravda.

Although North Korean missiles make up a small portion of Russian missile attacks, there are concerns that the regime in Pyongyang may use the battlefield in Ukraine as a war laboratory and test its own weapons there. In this way, they can extract useful experience and adapt and upgrade their weapons.

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Develops nuclear weapons

The North Korean People's Army conducted an artillery exercise on March 7, 2024, according to KCNA. Photo: KCNA/NTB/Reuters

Although many of the North Korean ballistic missiles missed their targets, half of the missiles hit their targets, killing many Ukrainians. Additionally, weapons shipments sent by Kim Jong Un helped destroy parts of Ukrainian infrastructure.

North Korea is subject to strict sanctions and is on the United Nations list of countries that violate human rights. North Korea is also developing its own nuclear weapons program. The country is suspected of receiving aid from Russia in exchange for arms shipments.