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Ukraine is the winner of Eurovision 2022

Ukraine is the winner of Eurovision 2022

Ukraine, with the song “Stefania” by Kalush’s orchestra, is the grand winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. This is the third win in the Ukraine event, which was the top candidate for this edition, and the first Eurovision win for a song with a hip-hop component.

The song “Saudade, Saudade”, which represented Portugal with the voice of Maro, ranked ninth, the Tonicha rating equation, in 1971, with the song Menina, and Manuela Bravo in 1979, with Sobe, Sobe, Balão. Go up’.

The Eurovision Grand Final took place today in Turin, Italy, with two presenters, Laura Bossini and Mica, as well as last year’s winners Manskin.

At the end of the jury voting for all countries, Portugal took fifth place, receiving significant votes from Ukraine and Croatia. Ukraine, for its part, benefited from the popular vote. The win was disputed, until the last minutes, with the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden.

It remains to be seen where, in 2023, the Eurovision final will be held, due to the conflict sweeping Ukraine.

Watch the final standings for Eurovision 2022 here:

1. Ukraine
2. United Kingdom
3. Spain
4. Sweden
5. Serbia
6. Italy
7. Moldova
8. Greece
9. Portugal
10. Norway
11. Holland
12. Poland
13. Estonia
14- Lithuania
15. Australia
16. Azerbaijan
17. Switzerland
18- Romania
19. Belgium
20. Armenia
21- Finland
22- Czech Republic
23- Iceland
24- France
25- Germany

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