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Ukraine, Russia |  Allegations of Russia using weapons are disputed: – Too bad

Ukraine, Russia | Allegations of Russia using weapons are disputed: – Too bad

Journalists of the famous Agence France-Presse wrote that they had observed the use of phosphorus bombs in Ukraine.

According to the Geneva Conventions, this type of weapon is allowed to be used against military targets, but it is strictly forbidden to use it against civilian targets, as well as against densely populated areas. On a par with all other weapons.

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– bad

Neither Russia nor Ukraine has commented on the latest reports, but Ukraine has previously claimed that Putin’s forces are using the weapons. Russia denies this.

– They’ve used it before. It’s too bad if they use it as a violation of the international law of war, Tom Rosth tells NetVision. He is the head of the intelligence department at the Norwegian Defense College and leads their research group on Ukraine.

It has not been determined whether the weapons were used against civilian or military targets.

In mid-February, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba asked NATO countries for phosphorus bombs and cluster munitions. However, he received a resounding rejection when it came to the latter.

deep burns

Nor is it the first time in the war that Ukraine has accused Russia of using phosphorous bombs. In July, they accused Russian forces of using the same type of bomb on Snake Island.

according to Washington Post And many US military forums, phosphorous bombs have two main purposes. The Washington Post describes the weapons as highly controversial.

The first is to form a smoke screen to hide your ground movements. The second is that phosphorus ignites on contact with oxygen and thus can ignite targets.

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Phosphorus can cause deep burns when it comes in contact with the skin – sometimes even the bones.

Phosphorus bombs can be launched by bombs from aircraft, missiles, grenade launchers, or by artillery.

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