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Ukraine, Russia | Allegations that Putin feared for his life – deployed super weapons at the resort

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny has his own propaganda tools on social media, including his YouTube channel “Navalny live.”

On Monday evening, they published a video showing the vacation home of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The huge house will be located in Sochi and will comprise two main buildings of 3800 sqm and 8300 sqm respectively.

The released video shows images of the advanced Pantsir weapon system near the huge vacation home. The weapon system is anti-aircraft artillery. It has a medium range that should be able to shoot down planes and protect against possible air attack.

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This is not the first time that images of the air defense system have been seen in places where Putin is known to maintain his own. Netavizn reported in January that the Russians had deployed the same weapon system on top of several tall buildings in Moscow.

Georgy Alborov, who acts as a kind of news anchor in the video, says that Putin tries to appear as a strong and fearless leader, but in reality he is “cowardly and paranoid”.

– Putin is very afraid of being hit by a missile in his sleep, says Alborov, according to Denmark TV 2.

According to the opposition group, the gorgeous holiday home is owned by Russian gas company Gazprom, but it must be the Russian president who uses it in the first place.

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