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Ukraine, Russia |  Rasser: – I don't know how to fight

Ukraine, Russia | Rasser: – I don't know how to fight

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba takes aim at Europe for what he believes is its lack of understanding of how wars work.

Europe does not know how to fight wars. Kuleba tells the Ukrainian newspaper that weapons production is not the most popular business Independent Kyiv.

Unfortunately, our friends are more interested in discussing how and when to increase arms production (than actually discussing it, journ.anm.). I am more concerned about the speed of development of the defense industry than the delivery of new types of weapon systems, says the Ukrainian Foreign Minister.

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– Busy discussing

Kuliba's criticism comes in the wake of European arms manufacturers' reluctance to adjust weapons production in recent months. In addition, aid packages from the European Union and the United States have been delayed for various political reasons.

– Europe clearly has a head start when it comes to technology. The problem and challenge they face is increasing the production of this technology. It's sad to say, but it's not the way it is now. He says Russia will be ahead of us.

– Today Ukraine is what is at stake, but what will the situation be tomorrow? It is their security, and the security of European countries. Kuleba continues that anyone who believes that Putin will not dare to attack a NATO country if he wins in Ukraine is naive or a supporter of Russian values ​​in this regard.

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Russia: We are faster

For its part, Russia has allocated more money to defense than ever before. In addition, they are said to have received large quantities of artillery ammunition from North Korea, as well as drones from Iran.

– Denis Manturov, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of arms production in Russia, said on Monday: – I do not want to brag, but I can say that we have achieved production speed faster than Western countries.

Information about Russian arms production is difficult to verify.

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Contribution of Europe and Norway

In March, the European Union launched several schemes that would help member states purchase one million rounds of ammunition, whether grenades or rockets, within one year. The most important of which was supplying Ukraine with the 155 mm artillery shells it desperately needed.

But at the beginning of December, sources told Reuters news agency that only 60,000 artillery shells had been obtained.

The arrangements, which allow member states to purchase ammunition via contracts concluded by the European Defense Agency (EDA), have so far led to the purchase of nearly 480,000 units, according to the EU. There are still four months to go. But one lacks large quantities of artillery shells, according to sources.

At the beginning of 2023, the government announced the purchase of grenades worth NOK 4.3 billion, but less than half of them have been contracted so far. Growth requested investments worth $850 million, while the government has so far provided $75 million.

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