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Ukraine, Russia | Russian Support Concerns: – Thought Cross

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Ravos (Netavysyn): Ukraine suffers from a severe shortage of artillery ammunition, anti-aircraft missiles and other materials essential in the defensive war against Russia. Although the country receives support from both the European Union and NATO, the country does not have access to the amount of ammunition it believes it needs.

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Russia is also unable to produce enough gunpowder for war. That's why Putin took action and built two alliances that were so important to the Russian war machine.

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EU support is delayed

The European Union has decided to deliver one million artillery shells and missiles to the EU by March this year. There is no indication that this goal will be achieved. In December he wrote Reuters They failed to obtain more than 480,000 units of ammunition, slightly less than half of what was promised. Of these, only 300,000 should be in Ukraine, according to

Nammo produces artillery ammunition in Raufoss, Norway, and is one of four manufacturers in Europe. According to a memo seen by Nettavisen, it represents 20 to 25 percent of the market for artillery tank and grenade launcher ammunition in Europe.

On Wednesday this week, almost two years after Russia escalated the war and launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the government put a new $2 billion on the table to increase production of, among other things, Norwegian artillery shells. This could be extremely important for Ukraine's ability to stand up to the Russian organization.

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Because while Ukraine struggles to obtain ammunition, Russia has found partners capable of supplying the country with weapons.

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Dictatorships find together

North Korea, under the leadership of dictator Kim Jong Un, has, among other things, purchased at least one million artillery shells for Russia. CNN reported this in November last year. North Korea also supplied Russia Ballistic missilesWhich was used against Ukraine.

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Since 2022, Iran has sold attack drones to Russia, drones that have caused significant damage to Ukrainian infrastructure. Reuters Iran is also reportedly considering selling missiles to Putin. The Iranians also contributed bombs and artillery ammunition to the war.

Crossing thought

– It is an intersection of ideas, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Sture tells Netavisen.

Netavisen spoke to the Prime Minister shortly after he announced $2 billion in new funds for the Norwegian defense industry. The funds will be used to secure support for Ukraine.

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– It shows where Russia ended up, while its two closest partner countries are Iran and North Korea. This says something about where Russia is in its development, the Prime Minister tells Netavysin.

He says the West should take this into account.

– Then we must do what we are responsible for, we must secure our own stocks and support Ukraine, says the Prime Minister to Netavysin.

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The government and Støre received widespread criticism over how long it took to ramp up artillery production in Norway. This does not allow Støre to get too caught up in this matter.

-I've been here long enough to know that this kind of criticism is welcome. I think it's often because there's nothing else to criticize. We must be careful as a country when we look at how we support, how we target support, whether the support is within the rules, and whether it is coordinated with other countries. It's not something you can do with a quick fix, from one day to the next, Støre tells Nettavisen.

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