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Ukraine, Russia victim of the attack.How to help raise money on the Internet

Ukraine, Russia victim of the attack.How to help raise money on the Internet

The Siepomaga Foundation on Thursday launched a nationwide fundraiser to help victims of the war in Ukraine. As of 6:50 pm on Thursday, PLN had collected over 1.2 million.

“We can not predict what will happen in the coming days, but the views are not optimistic and need to help people” – this is stated in the description of the campaign on the Foundation’s website.

It was emphasized that the scope of assistance to war victims would depend on the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine and would be adjusted accordingly. “We are monitoring the situation and will continue to liaise with aid organizations working for Ukraine, who will come to us with requests for support. Every hour new information, everything changes,” it said.

The collection is being carried out by the Siepomaga Foundation, which, as pointed out, can quickly help other charities financially as a public benefit organization. It is outlined that “the full amount will be allocated to help the victims of the conflict in Ukraine.”

The Aid Foundation calls on organizations to support activities in Ukraine.

“Armed conflicts in cabinets at the highest levels of government are affecting civilians, women, children and the elderly, who are the least and most vulnerable. However, we can do what we know and do what we can to help. ” Report of the Foundation.

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Money for the Ukrainians is also being collected through Polish humanitarian operations

On Thursday, Polish Humanitarian Operations launched its own collection on the site.

– In connection with the war in Ukraine, we call for urgent support! We will provide direct assistance (food and other support) to people who need to leave their homes. Our support will include people affected by the conflict, including migrants and refugees coming to Poland and refugees listed in the collection description.

– The situation is changing so much that we are constantly monitoring the needs on the spot. We will let you know about the next steps. Let’s be united and united, let’s help! – Promoted.

Until 14:40 6.2K people donated a total of 385 thousand. Zloty.

Fundraising on

A series of collections was also launched on the website to help the victims of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The package, entitled “Mission Ukraine – Need Assistance to Evacuate Children and the Elderly from Vulnerable Areas”, was established by the HumanDoc Foundation.

– We need to start evacuating the elderly and above all children to safer places. We mainly need petrol, electricity generators, medicines (tranquilizers, heart medicines, tourniquets, painkillers) and money for food. we will do it! No time to waste – described the foundation.

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As part of the collection by 14:40 nearly 600 people donated 42.4 thousand. PLN (target PLN is 60 thousand).

Fundraising on stage was initiated by the Open Dialogue Foundation. – 100% of the funds will be transferred to Ukrainians directly or as humanitarian aid (similar to the PLN 1+ million we provided in 2013-14) – he announced.

Until 14:40 a dozen people paid 2.9 thousand. Zloty.

On the other hand, the I Pomagam Foundation launched the “Solidarnia with Ukraine” collection on its website. – In order to provide the most effective assistance, we will transfer the collected funds to Ukrainian organizations dealing with humanitarian aid. The people who work there are well aware of what support the Ukrainians need during these difficult times – this is described.

– Every slot is a gesture of support and solidarity with those attacked by Russia. Help pay and share as much as possible – let the world see that we are #SolidarniZUkrainą – it appealed.

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Author Szczepan Twardoch posted a list of “trusted Ukrainian organizations” on Facebook (a comment to his post). He stated that he received it from the translator of his books in Ukrainian.

– I urge you to spread this list on the channels available to my journalist friends – Dwartoch added.