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Ukraine shows Putin's elite forces

Ukraine shows Putin’s elite forces

Ukrainian forces continue to seize control of villages in the south in the largest Ukrainian penetration on the southern front since the war began, according to Reuters.

Ukrainian forces in the south were said to have destroyed 31 Russian tanks and a missile launcher, according to an update of the Ukrainian army last night. Reuters cannot verify events on the battlefield.

The offensive continues in the east also in the direction of Kremena.

Eliminate elite soldiers

According to the Research Center of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Ukrainian forces defeated what are supposed to be Russia’s most experienced and skilled soldiers in the Kherson battles. Among other things, the town of Lyman was defended by the 144th Division, which ISW ranked as one of the best in Russia. They retreated to their positions near Kremena before the Ukrainians captured Lyman on Sunday.

When Russia’s elite forces were no longer able to hold territory against Ukrainian forces, ISW believes this indicates that they have been exhausted by the war. The attrition of the Russian army was also evident in the collapse of the 4th Panzer Division of the 1st Panzer Army in Kharkiv, ISW claimed.

Zelensky: New villages liberated

In tonight’s speech, President Volodymyr Zelensky was not clear about the new villages that had been liberated. And summed up:

Fierce battles continue on several fronts.

Ukrainian soldiers launched a missile in Donetsk on 4 October. The attack continues. Photo: Anatoly Stepanov/AFP/NTB

The governor of Luhansk, Serhiy Gadai, stated that the Russian troops took a defensive position in a psychiatric hospital in the Svatovo Arch. The city is located on the road to major cities such as Lysychansk and Sivierdonetsk.

– The governor told Ukrainian television that there is a large network of underground rooms in the building, and they have set up a strong defensive position.

Although Russia is clearly on the defensive, it is also creating strong defensive positions. Both Putin and Zelensky recently stated that the war could continue over time.

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