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Ukraine, Ukraine War |  British intelligence: Russian missile attacks have little effect

Ukraine, Ukraine War | British intelligence: Russian missile attacks have little effect

Every morning, British intelligence comes up with a new report on the Ukraine war, which is disseminated through the Ministry of Defence’s social media channels.

The reports of NATO countries usually criticize the war of the Russians, and Thursday edition No exception.

– Since October 2022, Russia has repeatedly attacked Ukraine’s power grid with cruise missiles, the British wrote.

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The British write that trying to destroy such an important and crucial part of Ukraine’s infrastructure is an essential part of the Russian military doctrine. But they think the timing is poor:

– Ukraine has now succeeded in mobilizing nine months ago. The British concluded that the physical and psychological effect of this type of attack was less likely now than if it had been launched at the start of the war.

They also think the Russians are wasting their missiles:

The strategy may have been ineffective because Russia has now used a large proportion of its missiles, the British wrote, adding that they could instead have been used against tactical targets.

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The idea behind the strategy of attacking civilian infrastructure, rather than military forces, according to the British, is to “demoralize the population and force the heads of state to surrender.”

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Despite the bad timing, the British admit that the missile strikes caused the blackout.

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– This leads to massive arbitrary human suffering throughout Ukraine, they said.

She took strong military action – sending Russia a clear warning.

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attended the NATO meeting this week So far in condemning the missile attacks:

Putin is failing in his brutal war of aggression. He responds with more brutality. We are witnessing wave after wave of deliberate missile attacks on cities and civilian infrastructure. Stoltenberg said the attacks targeted homes, hospitals and energy facilities.

He added that the lack of energy comes before the onset of winter:

– This is a terrible start to winter for Ukraine.