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Ukrainian authorities claim to have attacked another Russian warship

Ukrainian authorities claim to have attacked another Russian warship

If the information is correct, it will be the second Russian warship to be out of service in the last month.

The Russian warship, Admiral Makarov, caught fire after being hit by a Ukrainian missile.

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It was Ukrainian presidential adviser Anton Herashenko who told Telegram that they had carried out the attack.

If the Ukrainians sink another ship in the Black Sea Fleet, this will be a major defeat for Putin. Then he would have lost his two flagships in the area.

The Makarov is the newest battleship in the Russian Navy. It was recently launched in December 2017, and it employs 200 people. The ship is equipped with a wide range of cannons and advanced missile systems to attack air and sea opponents.

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Rumors spread that the ship sank until Friday evening. The first reports of an explosion appeared on social media, and it was later announced that the ship had caught fire. Moreover, Ukrainian newspapers reported that the Ukrainian army attacked the ship.

A US reconnaissance drone has long circled the area where the Makarov frigate is located, according to open data sources. Satellite images show signs of heat generation in the same location.

Aftenposten was unable to verify the attack using open and independent sources.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, was asked about the rumors at a press conference. He said it was “false information”.

Ukraine is said to have used a Neptune missile, according to many Ukrainian The media. This is a missile system designed to take out targets at sea. It has a range of 300 km. It was this weapon system that Ukraine used to defeat the Russian flagship.

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A Ukrainian Neptune missile sank the Russian cruiser Moscow on April 13, the largest Russian loss at sea since World War II.

The system has been used at least twice so far in the war. He. She. On April 3, they collided with the frigate Admiral Essen, but they did not succeed in sinking the ship.

Ten days later, Ukraine sank the Russian flagship of Moscow.