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Ukrainian girl filmed singing "Let it Go" in a basement in Ukraine - The Observer

Ukrainian girl filmed singing “Let it Go” in a basement in Ukraine – The Observer

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In a makeshift theater with the Ukrainian flag in the background, a Kyiv girl was filmed singing the Ukrainian version of “Let it Go” from Disney Frozen, while she was sheltering in a shelter with several other people. The video was widely circulated on social media, and prompted the translator of the original, Idina Menzel, to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine, which has been at war with Russia for 13 days.

In a basement in Kyiv, Amelia has several people who listen to her and record the moment, who applaud her when she finishes singing the Ukrainian version of the well-known song. Idina Menzel, who voted for Princess Elsa (heroine) in the North American version of the film, posted the video to Twitter, with the caption: “We’ll see you. Really, really.”

The performance also sparked a reaction from Scotland’s Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who retweeted the video, with a Ukrainian flag.

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“Let it Go” won several awards after being featured in the 2013 movie Frozen – including an Oscar for Best Original Song or a Grammy, one of the music industry’s top accolades.

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