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UnB is 60 years old.  Vuecruz celebrates partnership in defense of science

UnB is 60 years old. Vuecruz celebrates partnership in defense of science

São Paulo – The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Viocruz) will In honor of the University of Brasilia (UnB), on the occasion of his 60th birthday, which was completed on April 21. The work is part of a series of activities in defense of science, promoted by 74The tenth Annual meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC), which begins on Sunday (24). In this context, UnB will be honored next Wednesday (27th), in Brasilia, where the SBPC meeting will take place.

Activities are scheduled for 2 p.m., in the outdoor auditorium of Vuecruz Brasilia, on the campus of the University of Darcy Ribeiro. Fiocruz will attend, Nicia Trindade Lima, Dean of UnB, Marcia Abraho, and SBPC President, Renato Janine Ribeiro, as well as Director of Fiocruz Brasília, Fabiana Damasio. The event is titled “Fiocruz and UnB: Together for Science as a Social Commitment”.

Marcia highlights that “Fiocruz Brasília recognizes the importance of UnB in the national and international scenario of teaching, research and extension at a higher level, with the defense of science a fundamental pillar of its work.” “Our honor represents respect and admiration for this historic partnership, with which we will continue to hope together for a future in which democracy is firmly established in our country,” he adds.

Fiocruz Brasília is headquartered on the UnB campus, and for 60 years the entities have maintained scientific development partnerships. While the university completes six decades, Vuecruz is a hundred-year-old institution – founded on May 25, 1900. “They have a long history of projects and actions in education, research and extension. The links have not only remained steadfast, but have also yielded significant results in the face of one of the biggest and newest health and social challenges – the COVID-19 pandemic,” he comments in Note to Fucruz Brasilia.

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annual meeting

The annual meeting of the SBPC lasts until the 30th. The event will be held in a mixed manner, with personal attendance and Online. The virtual activities, which are necessary in the face of the ongoing context of the covid-19 pandemic, will be broadcast on the entity’s YouTube channel. Face-to-face sessions will be held at Campus Darcy Ribeiro, Jama, Sealandia and Planaltina, from UnB.

The theme of this year’s meeting will be: “Science, Independence and National Sovereignty”. Scheduled to open at 6 p.m. on Sunday, it will celebrate science in the context of the bicentenary of Brazil’s independence and the centenary of Modern Art Week.

The event will include an extensive programme, with seminars, round tables, conferences, cultural performances, awards and many more interactive science activities. Activities among the participants will include famous researchers, state managers and the national system of science, technology and innovation,” the entity explains. There will be 117 face-to-face activities and 110 activities Online.

Among the panels, highlights “Vision of science in the face of the epidemic and the future of health in Brazil”, “Drug disposal: a concern for health and the environment”, “Conference of the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation”, “Climate change, its implications for Brazil and building a sustainable society “,” One Hundred Years of Modern Art Week “,” 30 Years of Internet in Brazil “and” Is Brazil Prepared for Another Pandemic?”.

The full program can be found at SBPC Gate.