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Unconditional love!  Diogo Infante married Rui Calapez to protect his son Nacional

Unconditional love! Diogo Infante married Rui Calapez to protect his son Nacional

In 2013, Diogo Infante married Rui Calapese, with whom he has been in a relationship for three decades. Three years after same-sex marriage was allowed under Portuguese law. The actor already had an adopted son at the time, Felipe, who celebrated his 21st birthday in January. He now explains that this was a deciding factor in deciding to tie the knot with his partner.

I decided to first accept my son who had been with us for several years. This has been going on for a very long time, it exists and it is very important to keep it a secret. I don't want to keep it a secret because I'm very proud of him. So I contacted the Expresso newspaper and suggested doing an interview with them so I could talk about it. I wanted to make sure the model was decent and not distorted, and so I did,” he began his podcast. “Umm lava nao chora,” from Publico newspaper.

“Later, When same-sex marriage was approved, Felipe was the first person to say: “Now you can get married.”Because this represented, at that time, that adoption was unique, because joint adoption by people of the same sex was not allowed. So, She thought: If anything happens, Felipe will once again be left without protection. But, if I get married, my husband will have the advantage over him if something happens to me,” said Diogo Infante.

“And that was the idea that prompted me to act. He knew the risk he was taking in going public, but it was incomparably small compared to the benefit of giving him security and comfort. Then things got away from us and we ended up on the cover of a newspaper and all that remained was to acknowledge the marriage. Oddly enough, that was a huge relief. I thought I was calm, but there was a part of me that I let go, and why? I was 40 years old, what did I have to prove? My life has become much easier,” added the director and artistic director of Teatro da Trindade.

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I will lose followers, fans, sponsors, and the respect of some, but I have gained many others, their value is pricelessAnd it gives me a feeling of completeness, because I have nothing to hide in this moment. I am who I am, I am here for what I am here for, whoever loves me loves me and that is okay.”