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Under 18: Portugal beat France with a comeback in Limoges

Under 18: Portugal beat France with a comeback in Limoges

The Portuguese national under-18 team defeated France 4-2 in the second round of the French championship in Limoges.

After the defeat in the first appearance against Spain (2-0), the “Kina” team had a poor start in the match. Pirringuel opened the scoring after seven minutes.

However, Portugal managed to make a great comeback and equalized before the break through Eduardo Santos, in the 29th minute. In the second half, Jorge Meireles, Lucas Anjos and Samuel Justo, in the 48th, 55th and 62nd minutes, completed the transformation and gave a tone of defeat to the mark.

The best thing El-Ghal managed to reduce was by Bouanani in the 64th minute.

In the final match of the tournament, the Portuguese national team will face the Swiss national team on Sunday.

game card

France 2-4 Portugal (1-1 at halftime)

Limoges Championship

Stade Municipal De Beaublanc, Limoges.

Referee: Thomas Vincent
Assistant Referees: Julian Grelier and Matthew
Fourth official: Aurélien Grizon

France: Yann Batola, Therence Koudou (William Mikelbrencis, 83m), Mouhamadou Diarra (Cap.), Lenny Pirringuel (Hugo Vogel, 75m), Jonathan Pitou (Brahim Traore, 56m), Johaneko Louisjean, Axel Guessand (El Chadaile Bitshiabu, 83m), Kevin Mercier (Wakis Kore, 75m), Khalil Fayad (Chimu Ugochukwu, 56m), Mahamad Kanoute (Mathys Tel, 56m) e Badredine Bouanani (Nathan Buayi Kiala, 83m)
Alternatives: Tom Mabon, Ishmael Gharbi, and Idoly Lokoki Matesu
Fitness Trainer: Lionel Roxel
Objectives: 1-0 Lenny Pirringuel (7m), 2-4 Badredine Bouanani (64m)
discipline: Yellow card for Chimu Ugochukwu (86m); Red card for Shadaili in Chiappo (88m)

Portugal: Joao Carvalho, David Monteiro, Isaac Monteiro (Joao Pereira, 74 metres), Gabriel Brass (cap.), Martim Marquez, Nuno Felix, Samuel Justo (Marco Cruz, 62 metres), Youssef Chermiti (Miguel Valle, 77 metres), Jorge Meirelles (Jordan Montero, 62m), Eduardo Santos (Lucas Anjos, 46m) and Mateos Fernandez
Alternatives: Luis Nascimento, Diego Moreira, Hugo Faria, Joao Moreira, Antonio Ribeiro, Hugo Felix
Fitness Trainer: Joaquim Melheiro
Objectives: 1-1 Eduardo Santos (29m), 1-2 Jorge Meirelles (48m), 1-3 Lucas Angus (55m), 1-4 Samuel Gusto (62m)
discipline: Yellow card for Jorge Meirelles (17m), Isaac Montero (58m), Mateos Fernandez (79m) and Jordan Montero (90m+2); Red card for Lucas Angus (88m)

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