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Under Fire: Joanna Marquez Reacts to the "Mouth" of Luciana Abreu - Nacional

Under Fire: Joanna Marquez Reacts to the “Mouth” of Luciana Abreu – Nacional

last week, Joanna Marquez gained prominence after satirical criticism of Rubén Roi And Ricardo Martins Pereira, in your ‘Too annoying’ mood modelOn Rádio Renascença.

This Sunday, 17, Luciana Abreu took advantage of Sunday’s end to leave a mysterious message that appears to be a well-aimed “shot” of the comedian: “Really big people, they know they are small and that is why they want to grow and develop. On the other hand, young people think they know everything and then mistreat and insult others. We will not harass anyone or provide free comics to harass, belittle and belittle our colleagues.”

“Yes, let’s make people laugh and smile with love, passion, a lot of hope and faith. Together we are one and we fight for the same idealsSIC announcer said. The actress was ‘taken from’ ‘Amor Amor’ It is seen by many as the “mouth” of Joanna Marquez.

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The TVI presenter came under more criticism.

Without fear, the announcer responded to Luciana Abreu’s words without losing his sense of humor: “Who will this message be for? You are Puns with big/small and reference to comedy take me in a direction But… that part of us all fighting for the same ideals left me in doubt. Was the bulldozer on TVI? “.

This Monday morning, the 18th, Joanna Marquez is back on the topic of “As Três da Manhã” on Rádio Renascença: “I started getting messages saying that Luciana Abreu had left me a message directly on TV. I thought: I don’t deserve much. This is an award. I went to see her, to listen to her, and in fact, put my hat on.”

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The place is Emmanuel and Luciana on top of the Domingau truck., we’ve talked a lot here already, and the message back home, “humorous description. Close to ‘extremely unpleasant,'” he continued.

“loved it. It was one of the happiest moments, I would say about my week, but from my life. I’ve watched the video ten times, and will be watching more. And I thank Luciana and Emmanuel too, I was very happy with this gift. I don’t know if that was the intention, I don’t think so, but I was very happy. laughed alot”.

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