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Under pressure, Queen Letizia “erases” her agenda and disappears from the public eye – the world

Under pressure, Queen Letizia “erases” her agenda and disappears from the public eye – the world

Queen Letizia closed her official schedule this week and disappeared from the public eye Almost every day, except last Tuesday, the 16th of this month, when I held a meeting with the Spanish Society for Combating Cancer, of which the honorary president was.

The wife of King Felipe VI has been under intense pressure since the publication of Jaime Peñafiel's new book, “Letizia y yo.” Released in November, the writer and friend of the king, Juan Carlos, made several accusations against the queen, including that he was The journalist says Felipe has been unfaithful several times since the beginning of their relationship.

Letizia usually has a full schedule of social commitments, but since the beginning of this month there have been rare moments in which she has appeared in public. This week, he was only present at the meeting with that association and the next event on the agenda is Tuesday the 23rd. In the book, Jaime Peñafiel revealed the statements of Letizia's former brother-in-law, Jaime del Burgo, who admitted that he was the Queen's lover. Dissatisfied with the statements published in that book, Del Burgo took to X (formerly Twitter) in December to tell us more details about the alleged relationship with the Queen, which, according to him, took place in four stages: the first when the former journalist He is dating. Prince Philip at the time; The second stage of friendship; The third stage was the extramarital relationship between 2010 and 2011, which resumed inside the Zarzuela Palace. And the last stage as brothers, when del Burgo married Thelma Ortiz, only a few weeks after they started dating.

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There has been no reaction from the palace yet to these statements, but experts in the Spanish Royal House say that this is the case The worst crisis in the marriage of Letizia and Felipe. The couple will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in May.