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Understand the meteor showers that occur this month

Understand the meteor showers that occur this month

Observation of the sky has always been essential to the evolution of mankind. Through him it was possible to understand the cycle of the seasons of farming and navigation without technological tools and the stars were guiding in the great marine adventures. Today we can observe the stars only for their beauty. This August, for example, there will be a peak for The meteor shower, the Perseids.

In addition, there will be good opportunities for observing planets such as Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury.

So far, everything phenomena The astronomical sights that can be observed cause astonishment and great disturbance all over the world. Lots of people gather to drink, eat and celebrate this beautiful moment.

Perseid meteor shower: when is it and how is it followed?

August is going to be very hectic in space. It will be in this month, for example, that NASA The Artemis 1 mission, the first part of Agency To return astronauts to the moon.

The date has yet to be set, as three days have been confirmed when the launch could take place, one at the end of August and another in the first week of September.

In the middle of the month there will be Perseid meteor showerOne of the best and most important sciences. It occurs annually during August with a maximum at dawn on the 12th. It is caused by the debris of Comet Swift/Tuttle and, if conditions are ideal, can deliver up to 120 meteors per hour.

This meteor shower can be seen with the naked eye in areas with low urban lighting and clear skies. Stay tuned in the early hours of August 12th to enjoy the event.

It will also be possible to visualize another connection, in the second week of August, between the moon and Saturn. Look for Monday in the north at 12:55 a.m. on August 12, when Saturn is slightly lower and to the right of the moon.

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