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UNESCO celebrates women in science at the 14th Science and Technology Week |  Southern Tennessee

UNESCO celebrates women in science at the 14th Science and Technology Week | Southern Tennessee


The 14th edition of the UNESCO Science and Technology Week, the university’s largest institutional science event, concluded with an exciting Women in Science Prize ceremony, in Roy Hulse Hall.

The award, awarded to the Rector Lucian Pesonen Cirita, is designed to recognize and evaluate the leadership role of women scientists in various fields, including UNESCO professors and researchers, as well as holders of scientific initiation scholarships from the Foundation, with the aim of: honoring the outstanding scientific production undertaken by women In various fields of knowledge.

The awards ceremony included the full, intermediate and beginner categories, where 18 teachers and students from the university were honoured. All received honorable mentions. The third, second and first place winners in each category also received a shield and a voucher to participate in national, state and regional conferences, reinforcing UNESCO’s commitment to promoting research and gender equality in science.

The dean noted that “highlighting what many women do in the field of research and knowledge production is an essential step for other women to identify themselves as part of this environment and appreciate the role they play.”

According to the director, who is also a nationally recognized scientist, a scientific community that values ​​and recognizes women’s contributions should never be viewed as a meritocracy, which only rewards those who research more or better, and does not diminish the efforts made. From others. It should be a celebration of the brave, defiant women, regardless of age or experience, who work tirelessly to create vision in areas often marked by silence.

“Historically, women in science have always been present, although they have often been relegated to secondary roles and their names have rarely appeared in publications, despite their significant contributions to various fields of knowledge. This is the time to realize that this is always the right time.” To begin. Research is not an individual journey, but rather a collective effort. We must establish terms of reference and focus on gender equality in all fields, including the field of science.

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“To all those being honoured, know that what you do in your fields of knowledge is only meaningful if the results help improve people’s lives. It is possible to conduct high-quality research with this purpose in mind. Therefore, I call on everyone,” Lucien added. “To stand up for science and work together to create diverse spaces that improve everyone’s quality of life.”


Dean of Teaching, Research, Postgraduate Studies, Innovation and Extension at UNESCO, Giselle Coelho Lopez, emphasized that the event provided hours of engagement and learning, culminating in the granting and recognition of the status of women in science, a space of great meaning. . “By valuing science, we are effectively taking the first step towards including women in positions of respect and appreciation,” he said.

Giselle also commented that the SCT was a fantastic event, full of content aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and with the participation of high-level professionals.

“For five days, these experts were ready to share their knowledge. “For our university, this represents an achievement for our role, where science and technology play a crucial role in the training of academics,” he added.

The President of the SCT Organizing Committee, Rodrigo Machado, emphasized that the event succeeded in promoting important discussions. He described it as a moment of intense exchange of ideas between researchers from different regions of the country and academics and particularly highlighted relevant discussions, such as the role of women in science.


In total, 18 women received the award which was presented on Friday afternoon (27/10) at UNESC. Research Professor Sabrina Arcaro took first place in the full category in the field of science, engineering and technology. With emotion evident on her face, she emphasized that this award is well-deserved recognition for all the work she has dedicated. In a gesture of generosity, Sabrina presented the award to all her students, in recognition of the importance of teaching and guidance in scientific research.

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“This initiative is very important, because it encourages female scientists. I find this profession to be very prestigious, but as in any profession, we face many difficulties. Professor Ghislaine Zeli Ríos, who won first place in the entire category, in the field of knowledge and health sciences, said: “Moments like this motivate us and remind us that we are on the right path.”

Professor Michel Gonçalves Cardoso was happy with this moment and also congratulated the initiative. Recognizing the value of these researchers and their research is a way to disseminate knowledge. “I hope that this award will serve as an incentive to further strengthen researchers at the University and in Brazil,” commented, who received first place in the UNESCO Women in Science Prize, in the full category, in the field of knowledge, humanities and education.

The registration period for the second edition of the Women in Science Prize has already been set. It will take place between November 30, 2023 and February 7, 2024. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on March 8, 2024, on International Women’s Day.


Full Category (PhD)

1st place – Science, Engineering and Technology Knowledge – Sabrina Arcaro;

First place – field of human knowledge, science and education – Michel Gonçalves Cardoso;

1st place – field of knowledge health sciences – defendants in Ghislaine Zelli;

Second place – field of human knowledge, science and education – Vanilde Citadin Zanette;

2nd place – Health Sciences Knowledge – Caroline Mendes;

3rd place – Area of ​​Knowledge in Humanities and Education – Aurelia Regina de Souza Onorato;

Third place – Health Sciences Knowledge Area – Louise Sulzbach Damasio.

Intermediate category (Masters)

First place – field of knowledge applied social sciences – Andrea Citadine;

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1st place – Health Sciences Knowledge Area – Eduarda Behnke Medeiros;

2nd place – Health Sciences Knowledge – Mayara de Aguiar da Costa;

Third place – field of health sciences knowledge – Vitoria Oliveira Silva da Silva.

Junior class (academic community)

1st place – Knowledge of Science, Engineering and Technology – Renata Bochanowski da Costa;

First place – Health Sciences Knowledge Area – Maria Luisa Machado Laureano;

2nd place – Health Sciences Knowledge Area – Adrielly Vargas Lidio;

Third place – Health Sciences Knowledge – Aline Vitoretti Prudencio de Vargas Machado.

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The days passed intensely, characterized by the production of content focusing on science, technology and innovation, with an emphasis on disseminating knowledge. This is how the 14th edition of the UNESCO Science and Technology Week was conceived, which culminated on Friday (27/10) at the University, with a tribute from the rectory to all who played essential roles in UNESCO’s largest institutional academic event, in the Roy Hulse Hall.

Under the slogan “Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development,” this year’s event witnessed an extensive program of more than 130 activities, including lectures, workshops, short courses, research presentations, extension projects and experiment reports. These activities were carried out virtually and in person, covering the Foundation’s campus in Criciuma and the unit in Ararangua.

Science and Technology Week was present in all places on campus. In addition to practical sessions, lectures and short courses, more than 700 works created by teachers and students were presented to the public during the five days of activities.

To celebrate this great achievement, the organization’s employees were honored and thanked for their dedication during the event that began on Monday (10/23).