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Union Berlin startet an diesem Donnerstag in die neue Europa Conference League.

Union begins in Berlin Conference League: The most important information about the new UEFA competition

1. FC Union Berlin is back in the European Cup after 20 years. In the playoffs of the new convention league, the Bundesliga team won at Kubio PS in Helsinki. Thursday (6am / CEST /Game 1) But before the Finnish Cup winner. Iron Coach said the style of play is similar to themselves. Play “disgusting” and “perfectly organized”, Kuopio. Despite the entire season of preparation, the Berliners were unbeaten in the DFB Cup and league opener. Coach Fisher has made the best integration of twelve new players so far. Entering the group stage of the European Cup in the second round next week at the Berlin Olympic Stadium must also be successful, otherwise the mood will be very low after more than two years of great sports boom.


Looks like the conference league is UEFA’s attempt to make money. However, the European Cup may be a game for the Union. In the group stage, which starts on September 16th, there may be fights with well-known competitors. This is the beginning of the journey for Copenhagen and many clubs, which will end on May 25, 2022 in the Albanian capital Tirana, where the final will take place. But why is the Conference League? Which leading clubs besides the German representative Union Berlin are participating? The SportsBUZZER provides an overview.

Why is there a new UEFA competition?

“The new UEFA club competition will make access to the European Cup easier than ever. More clubs will have more competitions and more associations will be represented at the team level than ever before,” said UEFA President Alexander Seferin. There is new competition. With 32 teams playing in the group stage, it should enable international competition for teams from smaller countries that previously had little chance of qualifying for the Europa League. The new tournament will include 141 games in 15 game weeks. At the same time, European club football is developing the “3rd league” Europa League, in which only 32 teams will participate in the future instead of 48.

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Who qualifies for conference league committee status?

No one directly yet! Even for Union Berlin, the European adventure will end after two games in the group matches (August 19 and 26) against Grubio PS, despite qualifying seventh in the Bundesliga for the new league. UEFA has confirmed that teams that are eliminated early in high competitions are much softer. So a club that is in the 3rd qualifying round The Champions League fails, thus “pushing” the Europa League to the playoffs for the group stage, and in the event of a renewed defeat, the conference will automatically play into the league stage.

Which teams from the top 5 countries are represented in the tournament?

Only one team each from Spain, England, Germany, Italy and France – the top 5 countries in the UEFA five-year rankings – directly qualified for the conference league play-offs. The most famous name came from the Premier League. Former Champions League final Tottenham Hotspur Ranked seventh in the playoffs in the league. It will be the same for him FC Villerial (La Liga). The “Yellow Submarine” was able to compete in the Champions League last season in the Europa League (11:10 am in the final against Manchester United). There is no substitute from Spain. From Lig 1 Renes Ground The from Italy AS ROM Star coach Jose Marino. There is one more important name from Russia: the best club known from the Champions League Rubin’s Bottom Going like the fourth Turkish league Dropchanspore 3rd qualifying round.

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How is the mode and when do the games take place?

From 2021, all three UEFA tournaments will be held simultaneously from the group stage. The 32 teams play in the group stage, followed by 16 rounds, quarterfinals, etc. The team runners-up in the conference league compete with the team runner-up in the Europa League on the round of 16 round tickets, while the team winners qualify directly for the round of the top 16 teams. This means, among other things, German Europa League participants Eintracht Frankfurt And Bayer Leverkusen The conference will end in a league, so there are even three German delegates in the tournament.

Matches (group stage starts on September 15) will be held at 6.45pm (instead of 6.55pm) and 9pm for the upcoming UEFA season. Conference league games always take place on Thursdays at the same time as the Europa League. The Champions League continues exclusively on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The first conference league winner will be selected between the two semi-final winners in a knockout match on May 25, 2022 at the Air Albania Stadium in the Albanian capital Tirana.

How lucrative is the convention league?

The title holder will automatically qualify for the Europa League team stage next season. However, if the winner qualifies for the Champions League via the league, the right to start expires and the club can compete in first class. Competition must be economically viable. According to information from Sports show A total of 5 235 million will be distributed to the 32 teams. By comparison: அறிக்க 465 million will be distributed to 32 Europa League teams – just over ில்லியன் 2 billion for participants in the Champions League group stage.

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Where will the new Europa Conference League be televised?

Media team RTL Has the complete set of rights to the Europa League and the New Convention League. All games are played on an in-streaming platform TV now Live broadcast (from 4.99 euros per month). In addition, individual games are in the main program on RTL or sister station Nitro Shown. “We want the success story of the European Cup to start in 2018 RTL, Nitro And TVNOW Especially on our video portal TV now Will expand significantly “, shared RTL On SportsBUZZER REQUEST WITH. “In addition, we want to ensure that football fans in this country can continue to watch high-quality games on high-quality television from the UEFA Europa League and the new UEFA Conference League in the future.” Union Berlin’s playoff first match takes place against Cuobio PS Game 1 See

Where will Union Berlin play its home games in the Conference League?

Union Berlin relied on hosting its home games in the conference league at the Alte Försterei Stadium, despite strict UEFA rules. However, as the third construction on the local arena could not be completed, the Olympic Stadium, the home of local rivals Herta BSc, will be used as an alternative location, as Union President Dirk Singler announced in a letter to members. Union Stadium currently has only 22,012 spectators, most of whom stand, which does not comply with European Football Association (UEFA) regulations.