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Union Berlin - 100 points and 99 goals

Union Berlin – 100 points and 99 goals

BERLIN (DPA) -100 points, 99 goals and again eighth best for European regions in the table: After a 1-0 (0-0) delay against Armenia Peelfeld, Max Cruise released some funny pictures of himself cycling out of the booth and “a machine” “

Urs Fisher first looked at the Golden Jubilee and the highest two-digit snaps number with surprise and then smiled slightly. Union Berlin’s record iron after a total of 74 games at the Bundesliga will never let a cautious coach out of balance. 1. FC Union is a football club founded on the best teams? Cruz would not mind, but the Swiss fisherman could not accept this question.

“Our goal is to stay in the league”

“It would be nonsense to claim to be third in the lead. Our goal is to stay in the league. That applies this season as well,” Fisher said after the last-minute win over Bischfeld. However, in some cases, underestimation also wears off. After 20 home games in a row with absolutely no defeat. And 35 consecutive Bundesliga matches throughout the season, in which the Union will always be in the top half of the table with one exception – certainly not in a rejection zone.

In the west of the capital they are to be seen mocking Fisher’s words. Their exaggerated concern about maintaining the league would be very happy to be with Hertha, who has suffered a permanent crisis. Fisher’s real world is different from Hertha Grave’s. He is preparing his team for the first home game in the group stage of the European Conference League.

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On Thursday, everywhere, Hertha’s house, the Olympic Stadium, hosts Maccabi Haifa. As the Union now worries about an unnecessary defeat in Slavia Prague (1: 3), Fisher claims the right before the fight with the Israelis. “We want to be at the table, not just by name, but with points.”

Security concerns

Fisher is on par with Hertha. I.e. security concerns. Timo Bamgard came out with a severe concussion after being knocked out against Peelfeld. The first substitute Paul Jacqueline was banned after his yellow-red card in Prague against Haifa. “What’s going on Thursday is not in my head yet,” Fisher said, summarizing how often he’s just a hidden idle. “It’s important that we enjoy it, and that’s part of it,” the 55-year-old said of three “most important” points.

Kevin Behrens’ “Lucky Punch” victory, which saw the Bundesliga score the first goal for Union in the 88th minute, was “important after two defeats.” . “