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Union Draw Against Berlin, Common Out

Union Draw Against Berlin, Common Out

AEarly Quick Guessing Game: Dmitry Oberlin, Christopher Scott, Joseph Stanisic and Remy Vita play in which football club? To FC Bayern or Union Berlin? You do not have to be ashamed if you really have to guess – then choose the least risky answer: to union. However, as you can already guess, it is not true. This Saturday, Munich coach Hansie Flick said he had to fill his Bundesliga squad at the crucial point of the season and, based on their awareness, would be appointed to the union.

On match 28, Flick gave Oberlin, Scott and Vita a place in the squad for the home game against Union Berlin – and 21-year-old Stanisic, also in the starting line-up. He played left to left defensively and did what one would expect. He held firm, the ball passed when he came to him, and was mostly brisk, running with him every time.

In two decisive shots of the game he was once far away and once close: 18-year-old Jamal Musiala stopped being a newcomer and fired a shot into the back of the net six yards out (68. min). After Bayern were caught in the defensive by throwing on the right (85th), his opponent Marcus Ingwarden also closed when the ball bounced towards the goal from five meters. Bayern only played 1: 1 against Union with a few changes – just one stop before the most important match of the season of the game: Tuesday evening in Paris.

Ghost by misfortune

The newcomers will not play in the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals, but it is worth mentioning them before that. As temporary staff on the first team, they did not unfortunately stand up to the health and injuries Bayern are currently pursuing. Six players who could be counted in the regulations were missing Saturday: Niklas Cell, Lucas Hernandez, Leon Goretzka, Gorentin Tolisso, Serge Knabri and Robert Lewandowski. In addition, Kingsley Common had to be treated in the first half, and he stayed in the cabin for half the time. But coach Flick later explained: “It was clear he would only play 45 minutes at Kingsley.”

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