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Uniso Ciência: Launch of the 8th Edition

Uniso Ciência: Launch of the 8th Edition

The eighth edition of Revista Uniso Ciência is available online through the Uniso website. The launch took place on December 6, during the Uniso Summit 2021.2, an indoor event that brings together faculty and staff.

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Message to the reader

In this eighth edition of Uniso Ciência, we bring together topics that take into account the different transformations that are taking place in the areas of culture, work, education and the environment. They are a reflection of the profound changes that characterize our times, many of them so rapid that we can barely comprehend the magnitude of their impact on our lives.

In this sense, science can be our ally in providing us, through research, with the tools to think, and critically, to put ourselves into practice in the face of such transformations. In every issue of Uniso Ciência, we renew our purpose to present topics that meet this need.

This time around, it was no different and we brought in ten topics to talk about with the major transformations underway. Some of them touch on the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on the world of work and education. The escalation of technology as a mediator of our relationships is a factor found in these studies. We also deal with the transformations we are looking forward to, which are at the heart of research around the topics of circular economy, reducing environmental waste and protecting natural resources. And the experience of our undergraduates remains on two very closely related fronts: the paths of promoting black representation, from the approach of Afro-Brazilian culture in the classroom and its consequences in the fashion cycle; and claims in the field of assistance to women victims of violence, in an article that includes the production of female journalism students.

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a. Dr.. Rogerio Augusto Prophet, Dean of Uniso

a. Dr. José Martins de Oliveira Jr., Dean of Graduate Studies, Research, Extension and Innovation

a. Dr.. Fernando de Sa del Violle, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs