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United States.  Rudy Giuliani was suspended with his legal license.  New York court decision

United States. Rudy Giuliani was suspended with his legal license. New York court decision

The New York State Supreme Court has decided to suspend former mayor and US President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giulini from training in the state. The reason is his false statements about being false in the 2020 election.

The court ruled that “there is undeniable evidence that he acted as an advocate for former President Donald J. Trump and the Trump campaign and that he made publicly false and misleading statements to the courts, members of parliament and the public.” A New York court has ruled that Rudy Giuliani is threatening the public interest by spreading details about the “theft” of the election.

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“We consider his conduct to be a direct threat to the public interest and justify the suspension of his legal career,” the court added in 33 pages, adding that the seriousness of Rudy Giuliani’s actions could not be overstated.

A New York court has suspended the license of Rudy GiulianiPeter Foley / BAP / EPA

“You can’t lie in court”

The legal license of the former mayor of New York is pending further action by the relevant authorities. This decision was only relevant to Giuliani’s legal practice in New York State.

According to CNN legal expert Eli Honick, court decisions like those of the former Trump lawyer are very rare because lawyers – because of their profession – “get out of it”. “But you can’t lie in court,” he added, commenting on the case on CNN.

Rudy Giuliani is under investigation for violating campaign laws abroadPeter Foley / BAP / EPA

Suspected of violating the law

The decision of the court is not the sole issue of the lawyer. Giuliani is the subject of an investigation by the Federal Attorney’s Office, which suspects a breach of the law relating to foreign propaganda.

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According to CNN, Giuliani Dominion is set to file a statement in a Washington court regarding a defamation suit filed against him by the voting system. The manufacturer of voting machines and systems is demanding $ 1.3 billion in damages from a lawyer for the theory of mass election fraud.

Rudy Giuliani was one of the leading figures in American politics during the final months of the Trump administration. His efforts to prosecute Ukrainian officials over Joe Biden and his son led to the launch of an indictment against the president, and after Trump lost the election, the former mayor led efforts to invalidate the voting results.

Key Photo Source: Peter Foley / BAP / EPA