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Universities in Vietnam and Australia strengthen cooperation in training and scientific research | Community

Universities in Vietnam and Australia are strengthening cooperation in training and scientific researchUniversity of Sydney students in Australia (photo: AFP / VNA)
Canberra (VNA) – Strengthen collaboration between universities in science training and research Vietnam Australia contributes to improving relations between the two sides and improving their position in the world rankings.

This was noted by Tran Namgeeb, Director in charge of Southeast Asia at Adelaide Polytechnic University Australia Meridinal.

He announced that the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) had signed the memorandum of understanding to collaborate with a series of universities and research institutes in Vietnam to implement student exchange programs and bilateral research in funded projects.

The projects focus on the use of bios for land reclamation in the Mekong Delta, the creation of supply chain management interfaces to connect buyers and sellers, and the creation of educational programs for high school students.


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