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Unveiled in Sweden, an aerial vehicle that looks like a 'Star Wars' hovercraft (video)

Unveiled in Sweden, an aerial vehicle that looks like a ‘Star Wars’ hovercraft (video)

The Swedish company Jetson Aero officially presented on Thursday (21) the personal electric plane Jetson One for vertical take-off and landing, similar to the “Star Wars” epic hovercraft.

The aircraft is an octocopter with four arms protruding from the fuselage, each with a pair of rotors and a total power of 88 kW, Secondly company.

Weighs only 90 kg air vehicle Jetson One is capable of reach full speed at a speed of 102 kilometers per hour. However, the batteries have limited autonomy, providing only 20 minutes of flight time.

The personal take-off and landing helicopter market is getting hot! Jetson Aero has released new images of its Jetson One, which is expected to be available as a home builder kit starting next year. Learn more by:

Your drive looks like it’s using a controller. The operator uses the throttle lever, joystick and pedals to control his movements, while the computer ensures stability in the air.

Jetson Aero assures that the plane has a parachute that can be opened in a short time. Also, Jetson One is Equipped with sensors Handle for terrain observation and obstacle avoidance.

For the Jetson One, shipped as a semi-assembled home-building kit, applicants must pay US$92,000 (R$524,000). However, full production of the Jetson Aero for 2022 has already been committed.

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