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Urban Venture is now called Taxi Life and has a new trailer

Urban Venture is now called Taxi Life and has a new trailer

In March, we introduced Urban Venture (You can see over here), a game dedicated to a type of business that has expanded exponentially over the past few years.

However, as a result of the partnership between Simteract and Nacon, Urban Venture underwent a name change, and renamed itself Taxi Life. And he got a new trailer.

In March of this year, Simteract introduced its game Urban Venture (now renamed Taxi Life), a title about the business of passenger transport and other types of transportation services (goods, food, ...).

Such as over here As you can see, it is a game that takes place in the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona and tries to reproduce all the interests and challenges of a young entrepreneur in this field.

Negative situations such as traffic jams, storms, and car crashes, among many other situations related to life in a large city, can compromise the goal of delivering passengers or products at the right time and place. The player will have to create a company from scratch and overcome all these challenges (and many more) to succeed in the unusually cloned city of Barcelona.

There will be more than 200 monuments and historical buildings in Barcelona that will be faithfully reproduced in Taxi Life, and the city will be created in a 1x1 ratio, that is, virtual Barcelona will be "in the real image" of the real city .

And all this with an advanced system of simulating traffic, pedestrians and the like in the game, which conveys a more realistic city in relation to what is happening on the roads.

Simteract recently partnered with Nacon to develop and distribute Taxi Life which, according to Nacon officials, was an easy decision, as you can see from David Talmat's words"Taxi Life is a great concept that we know players will love, located in a perfect city to explore. The concept of establishing and managing our company in this field is also very attractive. This is exactly what we aim to offer gamers of Life."

This series of Life games that Talmat refers to (Hotel Life: Resort Simulator, Train Life: A Railway Simulator or Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator), are compatible with simulators for the diverse and varied occupations it intends to make available to players, not only experience in these jobs as well To component create and manage your own business.

Taxi Life will be available in early 2023 for PC and consoles.

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