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Urges the fight against sextortion;  afro hats;  dicarb metal;  Zip codes unlocked

Urges the fight against sextortion; afro hats; dicarb metal; Zip codes unlocked

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Instagram creates tools against extortion with “nudes”

The Meta-controlled social network, Instagram, will begin testing a series of tools and alerts in May to prevent young people from falling prey to blackmail with intimate photos. A filter with a blur function configured for underage accounts will be used and will automatically detect nude photos received “directly”. If the account is identified as the source of this criminal behavior, its interactions with young users will be severely limited. If a child or teenager contacts, Meta will send an alert and direct them to the Stop Sextortion website, which will give them access to a phone line and support groups. The measures will be tested in countries in Central America and Latin America.

Comprehensive graduation of African poetry

A time of great celebration, graduation can be embarrassing for those with afro hair. Traditional grout plates do not always adapt to curly or frizzy hair, black power hairstyles or braids, forcing graduates to resort to hair straighteners, headbands or even give up the device. To celebrate diversity and ensure a more inclusive graduation, Vult, a beauty brand from Grupo Boticário, has joined forces with Bahian Dendezeiro brand in the campaign. “Respect Capello”. The initiative redesigned headwear to meet the needs of diverse hair types.

Discount on jeans for used items

C&A customers will receive a 10% discount on items from the brand's new denim collection if they return a used garment at the time of purchase in store. The measure is in effect and will remain active throughout April. The delivered pieces will be directed to Movimento ReCiclo, the retailer's circular economy programme. Depending on the state of conservation and materials, there are three possible paths: recovery and reuse to make another product – a process known as upcycling – recycling or donation.

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Deforestation is declining sharply in the Amazon

Environment Minister, Marina Silva, said at the launch of a program investing 730 million Brazilian reais to promote sustainable development and combat logging and fires in the biome. Marina stressed that the decrease in deforestation in the first quarter is “very important,” as everything indicates that the accumulation this year will exceed the 50% containment rate recorded from 2023 to 2022.

It is easier to produce bioplastic from banana peels

Banana peel is the raw material used by researchers at Embrapa Instrumentação and the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), both in São Paulo, to create bioplastic films with potential application in active food packaging. They announced on Tuesday (8) that through “mild pre-treatments”, which use only water or a dilute acid solution, they have completely converted the product into films with antioxidant properties and protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation and waste generation. . Now, the researchers intend to develop the bioplastic film on a pilot scale to make the process more interesting from an industrial point of view.



Suzano is on the “right side” of decarbonisation

In Money Report | Agenda of Leaders “Ambassadors of the Brazilian Future” Gabriela Feffer Moll, Vice President of Suzano Holding and Consultant of Suzano SA, was honored in the Economic Development category. She commented that the major industrial challenges facing Brazil place the company “on the right side of the equation” on the issue of decarbonisation, with Suzano being part of the solution, with goals in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. paying off:

The startup wants to capture metal waste emissions

Startup DeCARB, a partner of the Senai Institute for Biomass Innovation (ISI Biomass) and Anglo American, is customizing its carbon removal technology to the industrial mining chain. To this end, the technology is organizing the collection of R $ 20 million for the manufacture of capture systems that will be able to absorb approximately 500 thousand tons of carbon dioxide.two Annually from large deposits of mineral extraction waste.

Favela Llog opened 5 million CEP in major SP points

Honored in the Social Responsibility category of Money Report | Leaders Agenda “Ambassadors of the Brazilian Future” The founder of Luft Logistics, Luciano Luft, took an unusual step in 2022, by creating Favela Llog, which included underprivileged populations in consumption. The initiative allows residents of slums and poor communities whose zip codes were previously blocked for deliveries to purchase with insured delivery. paying off: