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Uruguay has already provided more vaccines per citizen than Australia and New Zealand

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After one day of vaccination against COVID-19 (and a second of second), Uruguay was placed in the top five countries in South America with the highest levels of 100,000, according to a map released by our world data.

Ahead of Uruguay are Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Peru. However, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay and Ecuador, the four countries that started vaccinating before Uruguay, are already below our country’s index.

In addition, Uruguay is above countries like Australia or New Zealand, with countries that cannot handle the epidemic. The Australian index is 0.13 and the New Zealand index is 0.03. Uruguay is 0.48, which is higher than Japan.

Finally, Israel continues to rank 94.88 vaccines per 100,000 citizens. The UAE is 60.95 per 100,000 people, followed by the United Kingdom at 31.07 per 100,000.

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As reported on the page, the world “has the resources to deal most effectively with the problems it has”, thus reducing its population. In addition, they point out that their job is to make knowledge of major issues accessible and understandable.

Montevideo Portal

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