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US attacks in Syria and Iraq

US attacks in Syria and Iraq

  • The video will show the attacks in Iraq

    This video circulating on social media allegedly shows the US airstrike on Al-Qaim in Iraq. CNN and The New York Times verified the location of the video.

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  • Emma Fondinis Ovrebo

    13 minutes

    Iraqi militias claim to have attacked a military base housing Norwegian soldiers

    Iran-backed militias in Iraq claim to have attacked two US military bases in Syria and Iraq. Norwegian soldiers are also stationed in one of them.

    Military sources reported Al Jazeera In the morning, they attacked Al-Tanf base in Syria and Ain Al-Assad base in western Iraq. Both bases house American soldiers.

    The United States did not confirm the attacks, and no deaths or injuries were reported.

    The Ain al-Asad base in Anbar Governorate is guarded by Norwegian soldiers, and has been subjected to a number of similar attacks in the past.

    The United States has 900 soldiers in Iraq and 2,500 soldiers in Syria to assist local forces in the fight against ISIS. Iranian-backed groups have attacked them about 150 times since the start of the Israeli war on Gaza in October.


  • Emma Fondinis Ovrebo

    30 minutes

    Syria demands the withdrawal of American forces from the country

    Syria is demanding US forces leave the country after the US attacked a number of targets in the country on Saturday evening.

    The Syrian authorities are responding strongly to the attack, which is said to have claimed the lives of an unknown number of people.

    A statement by the Syrian military command said, “A number of civilians and soldiers were killed and others were injured in the attack, which caused significant damage to private and public property.”

    The occupation of parts of Syria by American forces cannot continue.


  • Han Sigrid Hatrim


    USA: This is the beginning of our response

    in press release From the Department of Defense, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated that there would be new attacks from the United States.

    -And this is the beginning of our response. The President directed that additional measures be taken to hold the Revolutionary Guard and its affiliated militias accountable for their attacks on American and coalition forces.

  • Emma Fondinis Ovrebo


    AFP: Several people were killed after the attacks

    Syria says there are many dead, wounded and “severe damage” after the US attack, Agence France-Presse reported.

    According to one to update From the Syrian army, civilians and soldiers were killed and injured in attacks that caused “major destruction” inside Syria.

    The information has not been confirmed from other sources.

  • Han Sigrid Hatrim


    The United States attacked targets in Syria and Iraq

    • The United States carried out air strikes on 85 targets in Syria and Iraq on Friday evening. The attacks come in response to an attack that occurred in Jordan last weekend, which led to the death of three American soldiers.

    • It is currently unclear how many people have been killed in the American attacks.

    • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced that at least 18 people were killed in attacks in Deir ez-Zor, eastern Syria. They wrote that those killed were linked to militia groups that support Iran.

    • Iraq responds strongly to the attacks. A spokesman for the authorities says that these measures could have serious consequences for Iraq and the rest of the region.

    • The United States accuses Iran of being behind the attack on American soldiers, and President Joe Biden warns that they will carry out more retaliatory attacks.