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US Department of Justice sues Georgia

US Department of Justice sues Georgia

Today, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the state of Georgia. Garland said our complaint states that recent changes to Georgia’s election law were made with the intent of disenfranchising blacks or restricting their right to vote based on their skin color.

The decision comes after mounting political pressure to interfere with laws that tighten electoral rules in Republican-controlled states.

In cases where we believe Americans’ civil rights have been violated, we don’t hesitate to act, says Garland.

Republican politicians responded immediately, promising to defend Georgia’s election law.

Sharpen in several places

Republican senators in Congress recently halted an attempt to reform national elections.

Tougher election laws have been enacted in 14 states, according to the Brennan Center for Justice, which monitors voting and is working to expand participation in elections.

The laws are linked to former President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims that he lost last year’s election due to fraud.

Election organizers, international observers, Trump’s attorney general and dozens of judges have found no verifiable evidence of widespread electoral fraud.

Trump’s authority on network and infrastructure security even called the election “the safest in American history.” However, the allegations are constantly repeated in conservative channels in the United States and are widely circulated on social media, and have significant influence among Republican voters.

A Quinnipiac University poll showed that two-thirds of Republicans – 66 percent – don’t think Biden’s victory was legitimate.

Radical Left Agenda

Former US President Donald Trump. Photo: Alex Brandon/AP/NTB

Against this background, Republican politicians have put forward a number of initiatives that they claim will improve election security.

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Republicans have previously stood strong in Georgia, but in last year’s election, Joe Biden won the state by a narrow margin. There was also a very close race in the Senate elections here, and it was so close that an additional election had to be held. This time, too, the two Democratic candidates narrowly won, with Biden’s party securing the smallest possible majority in the Senate.

However, Republicans still have a majority in the state legislature.

While much of Georgia’s new electoral law was removed before it was passed, it still attracts attention for conferring state power over state electoral powers. Many organizations fear that this will lead to greater political influence for the parties.

Republican Governor Brian Kemp said in a statement that the lawsuit was based on Biden’s lies and misinformation. He accuses Biden and Democrats of using the Justice Department as a weapon to advance what he calls a radical left-wing agenda.

Biden denounced

President Joe Biden condemned the election law when it was introduced earlier this year. Compare it to Jim Crow, the racial laws oppressing blacks in southern states after slavery was abolished.

One of the changes in the updated law is also the requirement to have a photo ID to vote in advance by mail.

1.3 million people in the state took advantage of this opportunity in this fall’s presidential election. The law also reduces the time you have to vote in advance and the number of ballot boxes.

Democrats have stated that new legislation in Georgia and Republican initiatives in a number of other states aim to make it more difficult for minorities to participate in elections.

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