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US response after attacks on military bases: – It must stop

US response after attacks on military bases: – It must stop

The United States attacked two targets in Syria, which it believes are being used by Iranian-backed groups.


The Pentagon said that this is happening after the recent attacks on American soldiers in Iraq and Syria.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin he says in a statement The United States carried out two attacks in Syria on Thursday, and that President Joe Biden ordered them.

According to the United States, the attacks targeted two facilities used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and associated groups. Reuters news agency wrote that it would concern weapons and ammunition facilities.

The US authorities had previously reported that US military bases in Syria and Iraq were bombed last week At least 16 different drone and missile attacks. According to the United States, these operations will be carried out by armed factions supported by Iran.

The Defense Secretary refers to the US attack as a direct response to these attacks, which he wrote began on October 17.

– The attacks are unacceptable and must stop, he says, and is moving forcefully against Iran.

The safety of American personnel is the highest priority for the President of the United States, and he ordered today’s attack to show that the United States will not tolerate such attacks and that the United States will defend itself, its people, and its interests.

In recent weeks, the Pentagon has sent an additional 900 US troops to the Middle East.

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According to the United States The Wall Street Journal And Financial Times In the process of deploying air defense systems in the region in connection with the declared Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

– This is done to avoid escalation and show your desire to protect your military bases and important infrastructure. The United States wants to show that there is no point in attacking them, which is also why they are sending aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean, Lieutenant Colonel and researcher Trygve Smit at the War College told VG on Thursday.

US Defense Secretary Austin says that the United States does not want the war between Israel and Hamas, which is supported by Iran, to turn into a major war in the region. However, he stresses that the United States will not hesitate to carry out further attacks if Iranian-backed groups continue their attacks.