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USA: – A woman ended up in a garbage truck

USA: – A woman ended up in a garbage truck

On Monday, a seriously injured woman was rescued from a garbage truck in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.

Reports said it took the fire crew a full 30 minutes to remove her from the garbage truck

Boston Fire and Rescue Chief Bob Beaudette tells local station WMUR:

– I have never encountered anything similar in my 32-year career.

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He has no idea

The woman, said to be in her 60s, initially found herself in a large rubbish bin outside a home on Beech Hill Drive.

The renovation workers had no idea about this – and emptied the can as usual.

The woman joined the load, and she and the trash were compressed four times before restoration workers and neighbors heard desperate screams.

– All I heard was screaming. Neighbor Amanda Chowitz says she was in terrible pain Boston 25 News.

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Request a rescue operation

The fire service was able to contact the woman through a side door of the garbage truck.

It was an arduous rescue operation, but in the end firefighters were able to get her out through the top of the garbage truck.

The woman was able to stand and speak after the accident, and said that she somehow fell into the trash while she was throwing garbage.

She was transferred to a nearby hospital.

It is not yet known what her current condition is.

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