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USA: Agreement on border agreement proposed in the Senate – includes funds for Ukraine and Israel

USA: Agreement on border agreement proposed in the Senate – includes funds for Ukraine and Israel

After several months of negotiations, Republican and Democratic politicians agreed on a major aid package proposal: more money for border security — and aid for Ukraine and Israel.


The agreement comes after several months of negotiations.

President Joe Biden writes that the package is a top priority Washington Post. Former President Donald Trump and his supporters opposed the deal.

According to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the proposal must be voted on by Wednesday at the latest.

– Senators must silence the noise from those who have their own agenda so that this agreement goes to waste, he says in a statement.

Strict border procedures

The amount agreed upon by Democrats and Republicans in the Senate on Sunday is $118 billion, equivalent to about 1,250 billion Norwegian kroner.

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The border measures allocated money in the proposed package are intended to make it more difficult for migrants to cross the border from Mexico into the United States.

The security agreement includes the toughest and fairest border reforms in decades. I wholeheartedly support this,” President Joe Biden wrote on X, Twitter evening earlier than Monday Norwegian time.

according to Washington Post The proposal addresses several loopholes in the US asylum system, and gives the president the power to close the border if the number of people trying to cross it is too high. The newspaper wrote that this would make it easier and faster to arrest and deport immigrants.

Ukraine and Israel

As mentioned, the package is the result of intense negotiations between Democrats and Republicans.

It is Republicans who have demanded strong border reforms in exchange for more military support for Ukraine.

President Biden says he is satisfied that the proposal also addresses support for Ukraine.

If we do not stop Putin's appetite for power and control in Ukraine, he will not limit himself to Ukraine, and the costs for the United States will rise.

The proposal also indicates that the United States would support Israel militarily.