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USA: – Eat raw oysters

USA: – Eat raw oysters

The man in his fifties bought oysters at the market in the small town of Manchester, Missouri. He writes that he ate them raw and became infected with the carnivorous bacteria Vibrio vulnificus AP News.

Now customers who purchased the shellfish in question are required to discard it. According to the channel, it is possible that the oysters were already contaminated before they reached the market.

Bacteria: Infection with Vibrio vulnificus can lead to a serious, life-threatening disease. Photo: Media/Medical/UIG/REX/NTB
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About 100 people die from Vibrio bacteria in the United States each year, while 80,000 people become infected, according to the US Public Health Institute CDC.

Vibrio bacteria can cause wound infections in humans and can also cause infection when eating raw seafood.

The bacteria can make people very sick, and people with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk.

It does not usually occur in Norwegian waters as it only survives in temperatures above 20 degrees. Experts recently warned that as a result of warmer summer weather over a longer period, we may have a higher incidence of bacteria.

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