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USA: - Mysterious death in court

USA: – Mysterious death in court

The trial took place Monday through Thursday this week, and a 57-year-old man was charged with five cases of attempted sexual abuse of a child in 2016.

According to Denton Record-Chronicle, he was arrested two years later.

When the verdict was handed down, and the 57-year-old was found guilty, he emptied a bottle of what CNBC called a “mysterious liquid.”

Then he died.

The bottle must be on the defendant’s desk all day Thursday, without him touching it. Then the trial lasted four days.

Drinking after conviction

The cause of death is not yet known, according to the Tarrant municipality investigating judge.

Prosecutor Jimmy Beck told the Denton Record Chronicle that the 57-year-old had not drunk from the bottle before the verdict was read.

Shortly thereafter, the convict was sent to a cell near the courtroom, awaiting sentencing. According to Beck, he was asked to check on the customer after a police officer told him what he had done. The police officer considered it strange, according to the newspaper.

– We’ve had people who fainted, had heart attacks and had gunshots, Beck told the newspaper, but nothing like this had happened in 27 years.

– dead or dead

Life-saving first aid was attempted until emergency services arrived at the scene.

– He was dying or dead, Beck explains.

Denton Police confirm they have received an emergency call from the courtroom regarding an unconscious patient.

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The defendant’s defense attorney, Mike Howard, saw the client being on a stretcher.

– It didn’t look good, it was gray. Then he was taken to the hospital. That’s all I can say, he says.

The water bottle should have been quickly collected as evidence.