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USA: – Police warn after toilet crisis

USA: – Police warn after toilet crisis

On Tuesday of this week, a woman in the US state of Michigan defecated on an outdoor patio during an event in Lake Dixon.

But while visiting the toilet, she managed to drop her Apple Watch into the toilet, the news agency wrote. AP.

To get it again, she chose to go down to the toilet and got stuck, according to police.

She sat there and cried for help until someone heard her and called emergency services.

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– The woman was heard calling for help and told emergency services that she had lost her smartwatch in the bathroom. She then lowered herself into the toilet to retrieve it, but was unable to get out again, police said NBC News.

When the police arrived at the scene, the toilet itself was removed and the woman was taken to a safe place with the help of a belt.

After the incident, police in Michigan issued a clear warning:

Toilet visit: When Michele Lesbrun returned home from a trip, she had an unexpected encounter in the bathroom: – Oh my God. Video: A.B. Reporter: Mathias Moen Rudd.
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-If you lose something in an outbuilding, do not try to go down to the storage room. Serious injuries could occur, police wrote.

It is not known whether the woman was injured in the accident, and whether she recovered the watch, or not.

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