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USA: - She wanted to kill her ex-husband

USA: – She wanted to kill her ex-husband

A Michigan woman pleads guilty to trying to murder her ex-husband through a fake website, as many US media outlets wrote, including Fox 2 And daily monster.

The 52-year-old could face up to nine years in prison for trying to kill her ex-husband. She used a fake website called “Rent-A-Hitman”, where she asked to kill her ex-husband, July 17, 2020.

She is said to have used a pseudonym, but entered her personal information at the end of the Service Request.

will pay 43,000

It turns out that the domain “Rent-A-Hitman” was created as a test site for network security.

The owner of the site contacted the Michigan police, who decided to pretend to be from the site.

One of the investigators, who pretended to be from the site, met her in a cafe. There she is said to have said she wanted to kill her ex-husband, and gave the detective his home address, work address and work schedule.

She also said she would pay $5,000 for the murder, which equals $43,000. At another meeting the same day, she allegedly gave the investigator $200 as a down payment.

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plead guilty to criminal

The woman was accused of inciting murder and using a computer to commit a crime. She pleaded guilty to both charges on Friday.

A deal was made when she confessed before a judge, which set a maximum prison sentence of 108 months. Atonement will begin on January 13, 2022.