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USB spy cable sends everything you type to hackers

USB spy cable sends everything you type to hackers

Are you afraid of being spied on by your cell phone? So you’d better start worrying about the cables USB that you are using on your device.

OMG cable is cable USB-C For Lightning, it was created by a digital security researcher known as “MG” which, when connected to a device, creates a Wi-Fi hotspot for intruders to connect to. Once connected, the attackers could, from a simple interface accessible in web browsers, start recording every keystroke or typing on a wired cell phone.

At the same time, the cable performs all the functions that the user might expect. It charges a cell phone, allows data transfer, and connects devices to a computer, for example.

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Workflow and risk

to the site MotherboardMG said the cable contains a microprocessor at the end that can record what is written to the devices connected to it. “MG” also commented that OMG Cable has cable capabilities. geofence, which allows blocking or even destroying the programming of the processor depending on the current location of the wire, to prevent technology leakage.

As for the range of the Wi-Fi module, “MG” commented that it was able to receive information from data written in wired devices at a distance of up to 1.6 kilometers, which is a big deal.

The cable is already being mass-produced and sold in hacker markets, with the main goal of using it in security studies. Only the future will determine whether it will actually be used for research or for hacking.

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Source: MotherboardAnd futuristic

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